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Shihan Bill Quick Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Kickboxing in Nashua

Shihan Bill Quick

Shihan William "Billö Quick

(5th Degree Black Belt)

Shihan Bill started studying Karate at the age of 43 and has been studying the martial arts for twenty-one years, the last sixteen with Tokyo Joe's Studio on West Pearl Street in Nashua, NH. He recently earned his fifth degree stripe in a two day test in November 2010 promoting him to the rank of Go Dan (5th degree Black Belt) in the Tokyo Joe's system. The title of Shihan was given to him by 10th Degree Grand Master Bobby LaMattina and 7th Degree Kyoshi Dave LaMattina. Shihan Bill has taught the beginner adult and the advanced under black belt classes for many years and recently started to help teach some of the afternoon Children and Teen classes. He believes that adults and children can benefit by doing good Stamina and Cardio conditioning exercises, and studying Karate techniques. These exercises will keep your body healthy, and your mind sharp, so that you can meet any mental or physical challenge in Today's society.

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