Tokyo Joes Studio Reviews

Kickboxing in Milford

Anyone who is looking for some personal challenge and strength, check out this place! I highly recommend this place to everyone... Doesn't hurt to feel better!

Jenne Cutrumbes Guyotte

Kickboxing in Milford

I met Bobby and Dave Lamattina when I was 12 and they are 2 of the best people I know. One of my bigest regrets was when I stoped taking classes when I got into high school. I'm 41 now and my daughter and take classes now my first day back was like coming home. I love you guys and thank you for every thing you do for your students and the community.

Alan E. Jackson

Kickboxing in Milford

Best kickboxing classes!! Love the environment, people and all the teachers!!!

Sarah Krauss

Kickboxing in Milford

This is an amazing place and has exceeded my expectations. Not only do they teach self defense, they teach the kids to respect themselves and others. Hands down this place is just awesome! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a self defense studio adult or child!

Cynthia Livingston

Kickboxing in Milford

It teaches discipline, honor and respect. Important qualities that seem to be lost these days.

Sharon Kopec

Kickboxing in Milford

I have known GrandMaster Bobby "Tokyo Joe" LaMattina Since 1980. He is A Great Instructor who has helped So Many People get into Great Shape while Learning How to Defend Themselves! I would Highly recommend him to Anyone!

Don Grady

Kickboxing in Milford

If anyone is thinking of getting their child into karate, I HIGHLY recommend Tokyo Joes Studio. I cannot speak highly enough of them. Not only has Manny come a long way in martial arts, but every instructor (even the tough ones) is excellent with kids of all ages, boosting self esteem, focus, concentration, and respect. They always have parties, events, special presentations, etc. It's become such a staple in Manny's life and I couldn't be prouder. Like Kyushu says, "I feel good, I feel fine. I feel like this all the time!

Kate P.

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