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Beginner Tai Chi Classes Enrolling In July

Ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels!

Here at Tokyo Joe's Studio, our Tai Chi is a pattern of relaxed body positions, performed slowly and with precise breathing control. It provides a total body workout, helping to maintain coordination and flexibility. Millions have used Tai Chi over the centuries to control stress, increase energy, and improve circulation.

A Safe, Powerful, and Effective Workout!

Tokyo Joe's Studios Tai Chi is more for health, wellness, and longevity. People who practice our Tai Chi system swear by the range of benefits, which include relief from arthritis, anxiety, migraine headaches, stress, and much more.


The four main elements of Tai Chi are breathing exercises, standing and sitting position exercises, self-acupressure, and healing meditations. In China, people who practice Tai Chi are said to exploit the strength of Yin (The Earth) and the Chi (Internal Energy) of Yang (The Heavens) to focus their physical and spiritual energies, enabling the mind and body to work together to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Regardless of age or athletic ability, you can constantly improve in Tai Chi even as you get older. Tokyo Joe's Tai Chi is a total body workout for a younger mind and body.

No matter what shape you are in ... you CAN do this!

You'll enjoy a motivational, inspirational atmosphere where you can comfortably learn and practice Tai Chi. You'll gain an advantage through proper footwork and body positioning.

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