Martial Arts Programs Available In Nashua

Kids Martial Arts

We give kids the skills to be successful! Along with self defense skills, kids develop the focus and discipline to improve school work, boost confidence, enhance mental alertness, improve fitness, and help kids to set and reach goals.

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Muay Thai Kickboxing

Here at Tokyo Joe's Studios of Self Defense you will enjoy a motivational, inspirational and comfortable atmosphere where you will get into incredible shape, really FAST!

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Adult Martial Arts

Whether you choose Karate for fitness, health, well-being, personal and family protection, or improved self-esteem, this program will get you fit and healthy, plus help you develop personal awareness and the mindset of fighter.

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Womens Self Defense

Learn how to protect yourself in any situation with our Women's Self-Defense classes in Nashua and Milford. These classes help women of all ages get in a great workout and learn vital self-defense skills.

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a great way to develop and maintain fitness, muscle tone and balance for those who feel our standard karate training is too rigorous or physically demanding. It improves balance, motor control, rhythm, plus MUCH MORE!

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