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Sensei Lincoln Brown Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Sensei Lincoln Brown

Sensei Lincoln Brown

(3nd Degree Black Belt)

Sensei Lincoln has been studying the Martial Arts with us since the Fall of 2005 and currently holds the rank of 3nd degree black belt, which he received in 2012. He began at the studio early in his career and enjoys both the training and the teaching aspects of martial arts. His includes teaching swimming, fencing, lifesaving, and armory. Based on his experiences, he believes that martial art of all forms has a strong positive influence on everybodyÆs personal growth. He loves the daily challenges that the martial artsgives him and forward to them every day. All of his family are involved in the martial arts. His wife Lisa currently holds a Black Belt in Kickboxing and all three of his children have studied martial arts at some point in their lives. Sensei Lincoln looks forward to seeing you in the dojo!

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