‘Awaken the New You’ Workshop

Guaranteed to Recharge Your Business or Make Your Conference Unforgettable


Re-Energize your workplace environment or conference with the 'Awaken - the New You' workshop with Grand Master Robert LaMattina, a 41 year martial arts veteran and life coach who has helped thousands of people transform and reach their full potential. 

Your business will become the most talked about company, gain more prestige, greater retention, and recharge your business’ environment.  This workshop by far will open the window of opportunities and possibilities not just for your business but will have an amazing, memorable impact for healthy, happy employees.

Based on the Ancient Eastern practice of Shim Shin Key (mind, body and energy). Shim Shin Key helps people to find self-love and skills to become a better individual mentally, physically, and spiritually.   Several life changing techniques found in this Ancient Eastern practice are offered in this workshop that will help your employees re-focus, improve concentration, release mental and physical stress by expelling toxins from the inside – out.  It is designed to help people make changes in their lives, reach their full potential, develop a belief system that works and ultimately will have a positive life-long impact in the workplace and at home. Shim Shin Key is based on five main elements: 

1. Breathing exercises for chi circulation: The principle of the breathing exercises is to take in as much oxygen as possible for promotion of reproduction and rejuvenation of internal organs and to expand the lungs to get more oxygen to your heart.

2. Self Acupressure: Exercise enhances the circulation of the blood and chi. As we age circulation slows down and various chronic diseases are generated. By massaging the skin and the muscles, blood circulation is promoted throughout the capillary vessels, slowing down the process of age and soothing the muscle tissues and ligaments

3. Posture: Standing and sitting exercises for Chi circulation will help strengthen bones and promote flexibility in the muscles and joints. As we get older our muscles and joints become stiff and the bones become weaker these exercises; along with proper diet, will give you stronger lean muscles and will help to prevent pain within the body

4. Meditation: Balance the mind, freeing yourself from all negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, stress, and worry. Your mind will grow more peaceful and balanced. You will condition your mind, body, and emotions and you Chi energy will soar

5. Mental Eastern Philosophy: Will enhance attitudinal qualities, communication skills, leadership skills and reshape even the most positive person, to become more proactive, focused and happy contributing individual. 

This fun interactive mind-body-energy workshop includes;

• Chi Gung breathing 
• Meditation and mindful conditioning 
• Self-acupressure stimulating essential energy points
• The 5 Steps to Wealth (Health)

About the author of The Awaken The New You:

Grandmaster Robert LaMattina is a lifelong martial artist since his 1971, dedicating his life to helping people become better human beings and champions in their lives.  Three time world sport karate champion, Board member of the New England Kempo Council of Grandmasters,  Business owner, entrepreneur of several studios since 1982, facilitator-instructor of the ‘Awaken the New You’ program for  12 years at Rivier University’s, Institute for Senior Education, honorable keynote speaker at many events such as the Power Summit for Creating Business Masters. 

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