The Benefits of Respect

As martial artists, we are often told about the importance of respect, but did you know that if you are disrespectful toward others, the greatest harm that you are doing is toward yourself?  When you treat others badly, they will, in turn, treat you the same way, and when others treat you witout respect, you will have no respect for yourself either.  

On the other hand, being respectful makes you feel wonderful.  When your teachers tell you to be respectful in a warm manner, don't you feel that it is the proper thing to do?  You must take this positive behavior that you learn at the dojo and use it in other aspects of your life as well - at home and at your academic school.

Here are certain things you can do:

  1. Avoid bad language
  2. Aviod unruly actions
  3. Follow the rules your parents have set at home

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