The Martial Arts and Attention Deficit Disorder by Leann Winchester

There's been a lot of controversy lately concerning Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and the use of prescription drugs.  One thing that can be agreed on in the medical aspect of ADD, according to the book ADD Success Stories, is that to completely depend upon prescription drugs to solve a child's problems can often be a setback on the parents behalf.  Dr. Edward Hallowell, researcher and author of Neurophysiology of Learning Disorders, claims that in his experience, one of the most effective treatments for ADD is aerobic exercise.  Adding, from research, that "with the explosion of martial arts schools in the United States recently, this is to be considered the most beneficial form of exercise for the ADD individual (whether young or old)."  

When taught efficiently, the martial arts is one of the best form of aerobic exercise.  Adding to its intensity is the form of discipline that the martial arts imposes - focus, concentration and self control.  The ADD individual can expect to gain many positive benefits from practicing the martial arts.

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