Bully Proofing 101 Tips

Prevent:  We can prevent a fight by being aware of a bully before he/she is aware of us.  Avoiding the bully is prevention.

Prepare:  We can learn to talk our way out of a fight with a bully before it happens.

Protect:  We can stop a bully from hurting us by getting out of the way or by learning personal protection skills.

Calm Method:  Though a child has the right to feel angry, it's not okay to let it get out of control.  Besides, anger just fuels the bully.

C - Cool Down.  When confronted by the bully, stay calm and always in control of yourself.  Don't let him think he's getting to you.  If you need to calm down, count to twenty slowly inside your head or say to yourself, "Relax!"  and most importantly:  tell your child to always get help whenever there is a chance they might be injured.

A - Assert yourself.  Try the strategy with the bully just like you practiced.

L - Look at the teaser straight in the eye.  Appear confident, hold you head high and stand tall.

M - Mean it!  Use a firm, strong voice.  Say what you feel, but don't be insulting, threatening or tease back.

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