Evaluate Your Goal Setting

When you have set your goals in writing, it's important that you evaluate each of them to ensure they empower you for success!

In goal setting, its important that you set yourself up for success rather than failure.  We all know someone who has tried goal setting once before, not achieved his or her goal and assumed it doesn't work, right?  A far better approach is to ensure we evaluate each of our goals from the outset.  By running your goals through a quick checklist we can move forward to their achievement and enjoy the success we deserve.

Here are 10 quick keys to evaluating your goals:

Your Goals - It is vital that you set goals for you and your reasons.  Never set a goal to please someone else.  Goals must be your own, if you have set a goal through a sense of duty or obligation, then you will struggle to live with passions and enjoy true success.

Who Are You Becoming? - Ask yourself who will I become in the pursuit of my goals.  Excellent goals stretch you and compel you to become more of a person than you were when you started.

Positive Impact - Do your goals have a positive impact on the people around you, do they contribute something of value and move others to become more and enjoy more of life's gifts? Goals that have a negative impact will only bring you and other down.

Aligned To Your Values - Are your goals aligned with your core values?  If your goals are not harmonius with your inner values, then your life will be filled with tensions and frustration.

Like Minded Associates - Do your goals involve surrounding yourself with people who are like minded?  The people you associate with in life have a huge impact on what you achieve and the goals you reach for.  Set goals that demand you mix with people who are going somewhere in life.

Belive In - Anything you can conceive and believe, you can achieve, but here is the key question, do you really believe that you can achieve the goals that you have set?  If not, then your goals are setting you up for failure.  If you don't really believe you can achieve your goal of becoming a millionaire by the end of the year, then chances are good that you will not!  Make sure you have absolute belief you can achieve your goals.

Stretch Your Comfort Zone - Great goals cause you to stretch the outer boundaries of your comfort zone.  There is no point setting a goal to make the same number of sales you did last year if that is easily within your reach.  Set goals that cause you to stretch and grow as a person.

Specific - This is a powerful key to goal setting, are your goals specifically defined?  If they are vague or fuzzy you will achieve similar results.  Get specific about the exact goals you wish to achieve.  Life rewards those who are specific about what they want.

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