Peace Over Power

The First Thing We Teach In The Martial Arts is

Respect & Peace-Over-Power”.


Respect You have to have respect for yourself first by keeping your body clean and having positive, happy thoughts. Respect means saying Please and Thank you, Honoring a friend, helping out at home without your parents asking you to do so, looking someone in the eyes when they talk to you, Telling your parents that you love them, and following the rules of behavior.


Success    Is a never ending journey, Successful people will do what  unsuccessful people wont do, It could mean winning a contest, improving your grades, doing what you love to do. Being happy and surrounding your self around good friends.


Attitude   Everyday you decide on what type of attitude you want to have, if you want to have a positive attitude, you have to be nice to people, look for good in people, and smile. If you talk about people, talk nice about them and be respectful.


Self Control in Karate means never misusing your Martial Arts skills unless you are forced to defend yourself.

 Self control also means controlling your emotions, if someone makes you feel angry, in a nice way tell them how you feel.  If someone asks you to do something that you know is not right  (DRUGS/ ALCOHOL/CIGARETTES) walk away. Say, “NO”.  If your parents ask you to dosomething, you just DO IT.


Self Discipline in Karate is having respect for the Dojo and using what you learn in class constructively when outside of the Karate studio.

Self discipline means being respectful, not being late, and doing your homework without your parents reminding you. It also means that you need to keep your body clean, eat healthy food and giving 110% effort in everything that you do and focus on having a positive attitude.

Bully  Is someone who is not nice to people, they are mean, they do not say please or thank you. When they get angry they yell at people, they call people names, cut people in line, they are disrespectful and start fights. They send out text messages to hurt or embarrass another person.


Conflict with a Bully  Some people think that if a Bully is bigger or physically stronger, we do not stand a chance of getting away.  Actually, we can get away from a Bully no matter what his or her size or strength. 


You can stop a Bully from hurting you without fighting, but by learning how to be aware and how to talk with a Bully,  we can stop a fight before that fight ever happens.


Ignore the bully  When you ignore a bully, you pretend that he or she isn’t there. If a bully says something mean to you, or yells at you, or calls you name, all you do is ignore the bully. It takes a strong mind to ignore someone calling you names. You think you have the mental strength to pretend the bully isn’t there and walk away with confidence?  Some bullies do not like to be Ignored! But ignoring the bullies threats requires caution. So if you decide to ignore a bully get ready to move quickly just in case.



Here are five rules of safety:

1. Use your mind.

2. Use your words

3. Use your legs

4. Ask for help

5. Defend yourself


If you are approached by a Bully, show confidence by creating a strong posture by standing straight and tall, do not look down, look straight ahead and make eye contact and use a deep strong voice to discourage a bully.

Yell “Back Off”


If you follow these rules of behavior it will help you to become a better person as well as a leader!

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