Busting Bully Myths

In an article in the “Washington Post,” Susan M. Swearer breaks certain myths about bullying.


Cyber-bullying may be rising, but traditional bullying, such a hitting, shoving, kicking, gossiping about, and excluding from social groups, is still the dominant form of bullying.


Bullies are sometimes victims themselves. “According to a 2007 study of bullying in Japan, South Africa and the United States, 72 percent of children who were physically abused by their parents became a bully, a victim of a bully, or both.”


Bullying can happen at the workplace too, where victims can often be targeted by co-workers who outrank them.


She also makes an important point: “No program can end bullying in every community… However, when awareness of bullying becomes as much a part of school culture as reverence for athletics or glee club, we’ll have a shot at finally stopping it.”


Understanding bullying can be a great first step in dealing with the problem.


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