Martial Arts Style Focus-The Origins of Shaolin Kempo

Each style of the Martial Arts has its own rich history and traditions.  The Martial Arts Style Focus is designed to help you learn more about different forms of the Martial Arts so that you can build a greater understanding and respect for a wide range of forms and styles.

The Shaolin Temple was first built around 495 CE by the Chinese Emperor Hsino Wen.  It was the great Shaolin Temple in the Songshan Mountains of Central China.  This is where Bodhirama, a sixth century Indian Monk first introduced Buddhism, meditation and fighting techniques to the Shaolin Monks.  The Bodhi-rama introduced to the monks a form of breathing exercise based upon animal movements which were designed to strengthen and condition the body.

The art of Shaolin Kempo Karate has been influenced by numerous styles of Martial Arts including JiuJitsu, Kung Fu, Kempo as well as different styles of Karate.  Each of these fighting systems offers something both unique and special to the makeup of Shaolin Kempo.  The general philosophy behind the integration of so many style of Martial Arts into Shaolin Kempo is this: the ultimate in form and function for self defense lays not in one way or style of fighting but the integration of the strengths of many methods.

The Shaolin Kempo Karate Fighting System is a system that promotes health and wisdom.  Shaolin's theory of fighting is based upon effective multiple strikes off of a powerful mobile base, with linear, angular and circular offensive and defensive motions. This is coupled with simultaneous manipulation of the opponent's upper and lower body masses.  The art of Shaolin Kempo Karate with its graceful movements for development of the internal energy and balance of the body's external strengths, works in the production of a formidable Martial Art.

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