Tai Chi-The Total Body Workout For A Younger Mind And Body

A Time Proven Remedy

Tai Chi's graceful movements span over 1,000 years, passed down by generations of martial arts practitioners.

The style of Tai Chi taught in the Tokyo Joe's System is the Tai Chi Chung form that originated around the time of the Han Dynasty over 1500 years ago.  The form has been passed down through the Chi, Sui and Tang Dynasties.

The Tai Chi Chung form was taught by the first generation Master Bagwa.  It was passed through many generations to Chung Su Nim Iron Kim, who taught Master Mike Leone of the Chung Meo style; Master Leone personally taught Grandmaster Robert LaMattina of the Tokyo Joe System in 1992.

Since that time, Grandmaster LaMattina has been passing his ancient knowledge on to the instructors and students of Tokyo Joe's Studios as part of his overall wellness program.

The Benefits of Tai Chi

Over the years Grandmaster LaMattina has seen the graceful, choreographed movements of Tai Chi relax the body, strengthen the back, knees, joints, muscles, improve balance and give more energy in your daily life.  The millions of Chinese who practice Tai Chi swear by the range of benefits that include relief from arthritis, anxiety and migraine headaches.

In China, People who practice Tai Chi are said to exploit the strength of the Yin (the earth) and the chi of the Yang (the heavens) to focus their spiritual energies enabling the mind and body to work together.

Regardless of age or athletic ability, you can constantly improve Tai Chi even as you get older.

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