Kickboxing in Milford

Stuck Inside With Kids? We got you covered. Join our award winning Kids Martial Arts classes online.

Grab Our 2 week Trial For Only $19 Includes Virtual 1 on 1 Intro Lesson

Our online classes offer

✅ Electrifying karate moves
✅ Fun cardio kickboxing
✅ Self-Defense training
✅ Dynamic stretching
✅ Mat chats

And it's all accessible online

Our online trial includes a virtual 1 on 1 intro lesson. So we can meet you and your family prior to them starting classes and two weeks of online training.

Every child should have a happy and memorable childhood too.

✅ Exercise
✅ Creating friendships
✅ Being guided by Masters
✅ Receive structure

These are unprecedented times in our world. Let’s keep normality as possible for our children.

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